Crypto Businessman’s Dramatic Rescue Following Swift Leap into Action


A crypto businessman was kidnapped from the La Frontera shopping center in Medellín on January 18th. He was rescued after being caught up in a life-threatening abduction plot by five armed men. The businessman had traveled from Cali with the intention of closing a cryptocurrency deal.

The businessman was lured into a dangerous trap in Envigado and held captive for three days in a luxurious house located in a neighborhood known as la loma del Chocho. He was threatened with physical harm and death.

While captive, he sent a desperate WhatsApp message to his personal security staff, revealing his dire situation. He showed resourcefulness and courage during his captivity.

They carried out a meticulously planned rescue operation, pinpointing the victim’s precise location and infiltrating the premises in a stealthy maneuver. The local army and anti-hijacking law enforcement teams acted quickly to rescue the businessman from his captors. The businessman was saved just in time.

The footage shows the agents rescuing the victim from the kidnappers. The kidnappers are seen immobilized on the floor while the agents untie the victim. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of $184,000, but the businessman is now free. The businessman is safely escorted away from the scene.

The rescue operation took only three hours, and the businessman was reunited with his family. The authorities apprehended his kidnappers, who now face severe charges of extortionate kidnapping and possession of firearms.

The victim, his security staff, and the authorities collaborated seamlessly, each playing a crucial part in ensuring a safe rescue. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present dangers in the crypto business world and the importance of fast action and cooperation when facing such threats.