El Carmen de Viboral’s pottery has been designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Colombia.


When one thinks about the rich cultural heritage of Colombia, it’s impossible not to mention the beautiful pottery of El Carmen de Viboral town. This fascinating village has just been recognized for its over 125 years of pottery tradition; their ceramic art is now officially declared as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Colombia. This accolade, undoubtedly, marks a significant milestone in the history of El Carmen de Viboral.

The pottery of El Carmen de Viboral is more than just ceramics; it’s a story told by the meticulous hands of the artisans, a narrative that delves deep into the roots of this town’s people and culture. This acknowledgment bestows not only a unique sense of pride upon the community but also promises to preserve this precious tradition for generations to come.

The artisans, the ceramic producers, and indeed, all the people of El Carmen de Viboral, have long lived with the hope of their ceramics receiving such special heritage status. Their wait has ended, and the collective sense of joy and achievement is palpable.

This remarkable achievement has been made possible due to the collective efforts of the community, the Association of Ceramic Producers (Aproloza), and the Catholic University of the East, all working together on the Special Safeguarding Plan (PES).

The ceramics of El Carmen de Viboral carry an ancestral essence that has been beautifully preserved by the expert hands of this town’s devoted artisans. Now, with this recognition, they will continue to weave their magic, preserving this beautiful tradition and ensuring its permanence over time. This declaration also stands as a testament to their steadfast dedication and hard work.

As Hugo Jiménez Cuervo, the town mayor, rightly expressed, “It’s an honor, a very significant achievement for us as ceramists, that our ceramics are considered heritage of our town and our nation.”

Indeed, El Carmen de Viboral is an enchanting testament to Colombia’s rich traditions, and its pottery is a beacon of the nation’s vibrant cultural heritage.