Organales from Carolina del Príncipe


Looking for a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life? Look no further! Nestled in the heart of the Norte subregion of Antioquia, just a short 102 kilometers from the capital city of Medellín, lies the charming municipality of Carolina del Príncipe.

This picturesque locale is not just any ordinary town. It holds within its terrain an unparalleled natural wonder, the Organales — unique formations birthed through the intriguing combination of erosion and slope deposits. These quirky landscapes encapsulate caves and other adventure-friendly features, promising a journey that is not only exciting but also profoundly enriching.

The adventure starts with a brisk 30-minute walk from the main park for warm-up and stretching, followed by the exhilarating exploration of the Organales. This isn’t just a quest for adrenaline junkies though. The Organales experience is a perfect platform for overcoming claustrophobia, embracing the refreshing contact of water, breaking away from the daily humdrum, and making lasting friendships.

Here, you’ll embark on a 3-hour journey through jumps, narrow passages, and water immersions. You need not be a seasoned swimmer to enjoy this, just bring along your thirst for adventure, and be prepared for some life-changing experiences. Armed with flashlights and assisted by professionals, you will traverse dark caverns, testing not just your physical mettle but your mental strength too.

Post the Organales exploration, be ready to be swept off your feet by the sheer beauty of Salto de Guadalupe and the Troneras reservoir on a bus trip. As the heart calms and the body relaxes, let the mesmerizing landscapes seep into your soul.

Offered at just $30,000 without transportation and $70,000 with transportation, this package gives you a momentous experience, complete with local guidance, professional equipment, medical assistance card, first aid kit, and optional transportation.

Not only does Carolina del Príncipe offer a thrilling adventure and spectacular landscapes, but it also provides a unique opportunity to establish healthy habits and build connections with nature. So, make your reservations and take the first step towards your most memorable journey yet.

Visit Carolina del Príncipe, an undiscovered paradise where nature, adventure, and rejuvenation converge!